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Our merchant services reps, technical support experts and partner relationship managers will help you with any questions or issues you may have. Contact one of the departments below and an iPayment representative will happily help you.

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Email Addresses

Account Changes account.changes@ipaymentinc.com
Chargebacks/Retrievals chargebacks@ipaymentinc.com
Merchant Services merchantsupport@merchants-help.com
New Accounts newaccounts@ipaymentinc.com
Underwriting underwriting@ipaymentinc.com
Relationship Management relationship.management@ipaymentinc.com

Phone Numbers

Merchant Services (800) 554-4777 x 2
Chargebacks/Retrievals (800) 554-4777 x 4
Risk Department (800) 554-4777 x 5
Technical Support (800) 554-4777 x 3
Deployment (800) 554-4777 x 9
Relationship Management   
(800) 554-4777 x 6
Technical Support - Merchants     (800) 554-4777 x 3
Techical Support - Agents (800) 920-9943

Fax Numbers

iPayment – New Accounts   (800) 858-6234 
Underwriting – Pending Info (800) 513-4313
Maintenance/Account Changes (818) 540-6731

Snail Mail

iPayment Inc.
PO Box 3429
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359