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Thank you so much for your help this morning.. You are pleasure to work with and your company is blessed to have you a employee.
-Judy T

First and foremost, thank you for your excellent help given earlier this morning. I am extremely happy that the financial problems were resolved and that you explained, quite understandable, how the credit system works.

- Bernice S

I, Juanita O, owner and operator, would like to share my appreciation for your representative. She has been remarkable with her service as a representative. She's gone over and beyond her call of duty with her services. I really think that employees such as her makes your company an honor to be a part of. Her attitude, her concern, and her remarkable humbleness allows the customer to know that your company is really concerned about our well being. I can't overlook this opportunity to share my appreciation for all that she's done to help me and my business. Also, I think employees such as this should not just be rewarded but promoted for such great customer service skills. Please share this letter with not only her but all your staff, to let them know that we as customers notice and appreciate terrific customer service. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts with your company. Keep up the good work, your customers appreciate and love you for this.

A Happy Customer

-Juanita O

Thank you so much for the time and patience you had for me today. Thank you for your time and assistance in helping me, being a customer we don't experience this much anymore.

-June H

I am writing regarding the unbelievable level of service that I received from Sonya this morning. I have to admit that I was thoroughly clueless as to how to manage my merchant account. The terminology was very confusing and the process of getting specific information was absolutely overwhelming. Sonya is amazing! Not only did she answer my questions, she actually gave me a far better understanding of how merchant services works. My ability to get answers and even just to know where to go for those answers has improved tenfold since speaking to Sonya. I cannot emphasize how much she did today to make me feel a lot more comfortable with using your service. She is a tremendously valuable asset to your team. Please do not neglect to recognize this.

-Joshua S

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time you spent answering my questions and your research into the matter. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I do not even know your name or I would ask if I could forward my feelings about how professionally you dealt with me along to your supervisor. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to your supervisor on my behalf.

-Dottie F

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